Have you ever wondered how your custom guitar was actually being built? What tools were used, what methods applied, how the paint was layered? In other words, how did a raw piece of wood become a finished instrument?
Now you have the great possibility to see for yourself ”the unique story of your guitar”!

Keeping our customers updated during the building process is important for us, but we wish to give you more than just mere information via e-mail or phone! We wish to give you a special memory on paper! Therefore, the Amfisound Building Process Book is now available for ordered guitars as a custom option! The book will tell the story of your guitar step by step, including authentic building process pictures and detailed shots of the finished instrument. Each book features the signature of the builders, giving your hand-made custom instrument additional value.



Yes, it’s true and it’s here! The long-awaited High-end ”bolt-on” ROUTA BTD model is available now! Our simple goal was to design a premium-class ”bolt-on” V-style guitar that is made by the original manufacturer and yet has a more affordable price range.

So, unlike other brands which offer guitars that are cheaply manufactured in various areas of the Far East, our model is built at our Amfisound workshop in Finland, thus guaranteeing original Amfisound quality.
You can find it on the GUITARS – EXTREME LINE page!