Sampo Leppävuori – Master Luthier             Tomi Korkalainen – Master Luthier

Amfisound Guitars – a Luthier duo with two different product lines.
The Classic Line features modern, classic style guitars and basses.
The Extreme Line includes modern guitars for heavy metal and extreme music.

”We both have a huge respect and love for music, and we have always shared the feeling that music isn’t only about sounds, but that there is something deeply emotional and personal about it.These are things which we have always applied to our guitar building. In our field it’s important to know the music genre and its demands. We basically have to know the techniques for getting wood playable and yet understand feeling and mood of different music styles, so that we can “paint” the musical atmosphere into the whole project. As a guitar builder in our field you need to have a big knowledge of different areas such as culture, movies and other art. We have always wanted to keep our guitars updated for today’s demands and each of our instruments is an individual piece of art or custom.”  -Tomi


We at Amfisound concentrate on detail by making special shapes and finishes which are used in combination with beautiful woods. Customizing is an art that is personal. It should refer to your own life and to things important to you. Actually, the best ideas and the spirit of the instrument emerge and take shape when we speak with our customers about normal things and everyday life, and not just about guitars!


The combination of traditional craftsman values and of modern revolutionary guitar constructions is important to us. Added to this are highest-quality materials and a Northern attitude! Our simple goal is to create modernized guitars that feature innovative and better constructions.
Even though our guitars are made with modernized constructions and utmost visuality, we build our guitars in a traditional way by using ”old school” machines that are operated by hand. This makes our work really unique and gives endless possibilities for shaping the wood.

Each Amfisound instrument features exceptional clarity and accuracy in every note. In other words, our ”unplugged” clear sound is built into our constructions and shapes. The sound of our guitars is not just caused by the type of wood. By combining different woods we can affect the sound to fit our customers wishes and music and yet keep the original clarity of each note. Especially when played in low tunes, the notes have the definition you would expect without sacrificing the high chime you get with standard tuning.


As a small, two-men company, we aim to develop our craftsmanship and building skills into many differing directions. In small companies, one man usually makes everything alone from beginning to end. In our field, this is nearly impossible. One man alone could never handle each and every one of the numerous custom features we offer for our instruments. That is why each of us has his specialized fields in building guitars so that one man can fully concentrate on developing his skills in his own field. In other words, we optimize our potential and share our individual skills and talents.

Amfisound Guitars is located in North Finland, Oulu, Haukipudas.

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Tomi and Sampo are members of The European Guitar Builders association (EGB). The EGB was created to bring luthiers in Europe together.