Get completely new access to the wide variety of tonal configurations with a custom-built Amfisound instrument. The construction and shape of a guitar has always been the most important thing in our company! Which means adapting it to today’s music standards. So gluing cool woods together and yet using the same old standards just simply won’t do. Each Amfisound instrument features exceptional clarity and accuracy in every note. In other words, our ”unplugged” clear sound is built into our constructions and shapes. The sound of our guitars is not just caused by the type of wood. By combining different woods we can affect the sound to fit our customers wishes and music and yet keep the original clarity of each note. Especially when played in low tunes, the notes have the definition you would expect without sacrificing the high chime you get with standard tuning.

Classic line

Here you can find classic guitar models featuring our new standards for the modern rock guitar. All these guitars are based on our aim to make things different and bring them up-to-date, and not to merely follow and copy the old standards or take part in industrial vintage reproduction that can still be seen today. We love and respect the classic and traditional, but we adapt them to the changes of time.



Extreme Line

Here you can find our extreme guitar models, mostly designed for heavy metal and hard rock players. All these guitars feature the modern standard we have set up for our guitars since 2002. These instruments also display visuality to the extreme, which has become a trademark for our guitars.




The lowest notes are voiced by our bass models. Concerning playability and sound, our basses are designed to melt perfectly into your hands, so that you can concentrate on just playing.





The Arcticia series includes semi-hollow guitars. Each model is available as an Arcticia. Over the years, we have built electric guitars which differ from mass production and mainstream styles. We have been blessed with all our customers and fans around the world, especially with the huge variety in custom orders as well as with the extraordinary visions and ideas behind these dream guitars. Our Arcticia series is based on one of those great visions of a better and different sound.



The word KELO is Finnish and means ”snag,” which refers to a standing old and dead, dried-out, silver-grey tree. One will find them in the ancient places of our vast Finnish forests. For us, they impart a sense of ancient wilderness, myth, Northernness, and tradition.






The Amfisound Building Process Book is now available for ordered guitars as a custom option! The book will tell the story of your guitar step by step, including authentic building process pictures and detailed shots of the finished instrument. Each book features the signature of the builders, giving your hand-made custom instrument additional value.





This model has a beautiful, semi-hollow classic guitar shape with a touch of violin in it, combined with modern soloist-style playability. These things are rarely seen in one and the same guitar.