Around 15 years ago, two young guitar builder students met in Ikaalinen/Finland at the College of Crafts and Design, Guitar-Making Department. Those two had completely different musical personalities, but they had one unreachable mission in their head: they realized how much foundation work was yet to be done in the guitar-building scene in Finland. Especially custom guitars for more extreme or underground styles were rarely seen. Some years after, about 10 years ago, they started AMFISOUND completely from scratch and decided to create a wholly new guitar history for Finland, a small country but one of the craziest guitar countries out there. And so the story began…

Yes it is true and it is here! A new website and 10 years of Northern craftsmanship! Amfisound wants to thank everyone for these great years! Enjoy the newly-launched website and share it with all your friends.
There will be a lot of new extensions, such as new models, gallery updates, artist news, guitar stories, building galleries, etc., coming up during the next really exciting weeks and months, so stay tuned!!

Hoi Suomi. Riffissä 7/2012 juttua Amfisoundin 10 vuotisesta taipaleesta.
Käykäähän lukaisemassa.