After The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2014, we got lots of e-mails regarding the neck-joint of our Halti models which we showcased there.
People were really impressed by the construction and the feel of it. We got a lot of ”What is it!? How is this made?!” Well, seems like there’s not enough info on our website, so here are some pics for you to show how it’s done.
Basically, what we have here is what I call a ”21st century” neck joint. It’s a super-modern, long and lockable neck-joint. And it’s been shaped so that it becomes a super-fast soloist guitar. There is nothing like it out there! It’s really revolutionary, because it makes the neck super-stable, and at the same time, it gives easy playability to the entire fingerboard area!
The neck-joint is still on the 16th fret (like in any basic model), so you find it there where you’re used to finding it.
This Amfisound SET-LOCK neck-joint turns two planks (the body and the neck) into one, letting their harmonies go through the joint and creating bright and open vibrations throughout the instrument.        -Tomi

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