Hi everybody!
Here some Autumn news: You have kept us super busy with your custom ideas and finishes. Thanks to all of you for your great patience! Check out our video about a completely new custom-built 9-stringed Kaira, or should we say Koura (a slang word for ”hand” in Finnish). The guitar features extreme detail work regarding the design, woods, and stone inlays. And of course something cool for tomorrow’s visions! ;) Keep on rocking and enjoy!

Hoi Suomi,
Amfisound mukana Turenki Tonefest tapahtumassa 20.11.2011. Tule paikalle näkemään ja kokemaan taatusti silmiähivelevät Amfisound Customit! Lämpimästi tervetuloa kaikille. Lisäinfoa ja ajo-ohjeet: www.turenkitonefest.com